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The Neural System of Intelligence For Cybersecurity

Changing the Economics of Cybersecurity for Digital Business


Developed with Intel and other leading vendors, CDL captures, manages, stores and democratizes cybersecurity data for advanced analytics and compute at scale. It unlocks the potential of today’s siloed solutions by enhancing and extending the capabilities of the SIEM, EDR, IDS/IPS, etc., and powers newer UEBA, machine learning, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence solutions. CDL enables enterprises to win the war against today’s top business threats including malware, ransomware, APT, DLP, insider threats, denial of service, botnets, hacking and nation state attacks.



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One Platform for Digital Business Cybersecurity
at Scale On-Premise, Cloud or Hybrid


One Platform for Cybersecurity at Scale

CDL Capture

For the first time, the ability to capture, democratize and analyze all data at scale.

CDL Platform

One Platfrom to Power SIEM, EDR, NTA, AA, ML, Graph and AI Security Analytics at Scale.

CDL Manager

One Management Console for managing neural class security for all users, applications and analytics.

Democratizing & Unlocking the Power of Siloed Cybersecurity 

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CDL Changes the Game to Win the War by Democratizing Data Capture, Pipeline, Storage, Compute, Analytics and Visualization for Converged and Modern Cybersecurity at Scale.



A fully managed on-premise, cloud or hybrid neural system of Intelligence for SOC Analyst, Threat Hunters, Data Scientist, Compliance, Riskand Legal Teams.


CDL scales from 1-1000 Petabytes unlocking the power of siloed cybersecurity solutions while powering modern ML, AA, AI and visualization at scale.


CDL can ingest a record 100M events per second across 10, 40 and 100+ gigabit networks.


CDL unlocks the power of network packets, netflow, logs and siloed data for converged and

modern analytics at scale.


CDL serves as the modern system of record for cybersecurity with immutable and raw data storage for compliance and advanced analytics.


CDL increases team productivity by more than 50% and reduces cybersecurity process and technology costs up to 75%.

Change the Game, Win the War

CDL transforms digital business cybersecurity for…


Board of Directors

CDL provides company directors with visibility into internal and external business breaches, enabling them to meet regulatory and fiduciary business requirements with confidence. 



CDL transforms the economics and performance of cybersecurity for the CISO and CRO by reducing the cost and increasing the performance of current SIEM, EDR, NTA, TIP UEBA solutions while enabling the rapid adoption of modern AA, ML and AI solutions.


SOC Analysts & Threat Hunters

CDL radically simplifies and increases the productivity of analysts by automating discovery, correlation and analysis of alerts and events from existing systems using network packets, netflow and related logs, reducing time-to-discovery and time-to-analysis.


Legal, Compliance & Governance 

For the first time, legal, compliance and Governance teams can build cases with immutable raw data and reduce the complexity for regulatory compliance using CDL. Additionally, compliance teams can consolidate all related cybersecurity EDR and AV data into one platform for new and powerful analytics and visualization at scale.


Data Scientists

CDL solves the “data” and “compute” platform challenge that data scientists have with developing ML, AA, and AI
algorithms and analytics by providing them with a fully managed data pipeline, management, catalog, index and compute platform for building and running their algorithms.


Security Vendors

Traditional and modern cybersecurity vendors can enhance, extend and create new capabilities using CDL to unlock the power of democratized data at scale.

CDL Webinars

September 5th - 1pm EST

Architecting a Neural System of Intelligence for Cybersecurity

An introduction to CDL, the world's first neural system of intelligence for cybersecurity. Developed with Intel and leading data center, cloud and security vendors, CDL is designed to democratize security analytics at scale, unlock the potential of today’s siloed security solutions, and provide a converged security analytic platform for enhancing and extending SIEM, EDR, IDS/IPS and other traditional systems as well as powering User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), Machine Learning (ML), Advanced Analytics (AA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. CDL enables enterprises to win the war against today’s top digital business threats including malware, ransomware, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), Data Leak Protection (DLP), insider threats, denial of service, botnets and nation state attacks.

October 25 - 1pm Pacific

Enterprise AWS Data Lakes Made Easy - from POC to Production

Data Lakes have become strategic to the adoption of data science in many enterprises over the past couple of years, as lines of business require faster and more flexible access to corporate and external data sources, and build business value through advanced analytics and machine learning. Join AWS and Cloudwick to hear about:

- Offerings designed to simplify your journey
- Programs that reduce time & money & deliver predictable outcomes
- Best practices for your AWS data lake.
- Enterprise case studies – what works and doesn’t work.

CDL Partners

CDL Technology Partner Program

CDL is a Neural Security Platform that enhances, extends and creates new capabilities for traditional and modern cybersecurity solutions. Become a certified CDL Technology Partner to benefit from CDL at scale.

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About CDL

Cloudwick developed CDL, the world’s first Neural System of Intelligence for Cybersecurity with leading analytics, data center, cloud and security vendors, including Intel, Logtrust, ProtectWise, Bricata, SolarFlare, H2O, AWS and others. CDL is a Cloudwick software solution developed to democratize security analytics at scale, unlock the potential of today’s siloed solutions, and enable enterprises to win the war against today’s top digital business threats including malware, ransomware, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), insider threats, denial of service, botnets and nation state attacks.

With global offices and more than 100 employees, Cloudwick is focused on solving today’s most important digital business problems at scale for leading banking, finance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, oil and gas and retail companies. 


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